2017 Wheelock Conference Speakers

Jake Casale D’17 (EWS Board Member)
Editor-in-Chief Emeritus
The Dartmouth Apologia
Jake Casale studies psychology and international development at Dartmouth, and has served as Editor-in-Chief of the Apologia, Co-President of Christian Union, and Student Director of the Veritas Forum during his time in Hanover.  He has worked as a research assistant in the psychology department, a peer advisor at the Dickey Center, and for community health and development organizations in Uganda and South Africa on grassroots capacity-building initiatives.

Jake came to Dartmouth from the Seattle, WA area after realizing he could only go to school surrounded by trees and mountains.  He loves theater, theology, and debating the artistic merit of video games.

Michael Chen D’01
Cross-Cultural Ministry

Rev. Michael S. Chen serves the CCO as Director of Cross-Cultural Ministry, and spent his formative growing up years on the icy tundra of Minnesota in a majority Swedish and Lutheran culture where he learned to inhabit a Scanadan-asian identity.  Voted most likely “To be beamed up by aliens” in high school, he was an eccentric fellow who was getting all A’s but realized he was flunking life.  The mystery and beauty of a more compelling figure than himself set him on a new path.   Originally recruited to play Ice Hockey at Dartmouth College, he discovered a passion for ministry, earned a degree in Sociology and later attended Princeton Seminary (M.Div).   He joined the CCO to minister to students at the University of Pennsylvania in partnership with City Church Philadelphia.

He is fascinated by the process of dis-enculturation that happens as students become exiles to form new identities, and has seen the joy and power of the gospel at work over the years through student ministries in New York City, Dublin, and Princeton.  He currently lives in West Philadelphia with his wife, Sonja, and two sons, Jamison and Silas.

Jared Daugherty D’03
Director of Grants
Shaw University, Raleigh, NC
Since graduating from Dartmouth in 2003, Jared has been involved in a range of social sector enterprises seeking to equip citizens, and people of faith in particular, to serve a common society across their deepest of differences. Immediately following graduation he spent a year in Taiwan through the Fulbright program, working as an English teacher. Soon after returning to the U.S., he began work at the Institute for Global Engagement (IGE), a Christian think-tank dedicated to promoting sustainable environments for religious freedom worldwide. Over six years as an IGE East Asia Program Officer, Jared had opportunity to lead programs and produce policy research focused on challenging human rights questions at the intersection of religion, law, security, and development.

Building on this practical experience, from 2011-2016 he obtained an M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science from Duke University, with a concentration in Security, Peace, and Conflict. His dissertation focused on the intersection of identity and violence in post-conflict settings. Currently, he works as the Director of Grants at Shaw University, the first Historically Black College/University in the South, on their Institutional Advancement team. He, his wife Karla, and their daughter Yael reside in Durham, NC.

Dave Evans
Co-founder, Life Design Lab, Stanford University
Co-founder and VP of Talent, Electronic Arts
Dave Evans is a veteran Silicon Valley executive and entrepreneur, and a dedicated mentor and educator. Dave is focused on assisting college students and young adults to discern and live into the voice of vocation as they seek to define and live coherent and meaningful lives. Dave has pursued this passion throughout his career, starting over 30 years ago with his membership on the first Apple Corporate Culture Committee with Steve Jobs.  Recognizing the need to provide college students more guidance and training to navigate their professional formation, Dave taught a credit course for eight years at UC Berkeley entitled How to Find Your Vocation (aka:“Is Your Calling Calling?).  In 2007, Dave was appointed as a Lecturer in the Stanford Program in Design where he teaches courses that apply the innovative principles of design thinking to designing one’s vocation, such as Designing Your Life.  In Fall of 2008, Dave co-hosted From Whatever to Coherence, a thought leader consultation on the cultural meta-narrative of young adult formation with Sharon Parks, PhD., author and former Harvard faculty.

Professionally, Dave has over 30 years of experience as a high-tech leader focused on start-up growth management, strategic planning, partnering, product development, marketing, sales and distribution.  During his 15 years pf experience as a line executive, he led pioneering efforts at Apple Computer, including the first mouse, and was co-founder and VP of Talent for Electronic Arts, the leading game software publisher, where he managed the product conceptualization and development process. He also ran marketing for the first voicemail company, VMX (now part of Avaya/ATT).  In 1990, Dave transitioned to management consulting working with numerous venture-backed startups as well as corporate clients such as HP, Deloitte & Touche, British Telecom, Intel, Symantec/Veritas, not to mention extensive pro bono work in the non-profit sector.

Dave holds a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford and a graduate diploma in Contemplative Spirituality from San Francisco Theological Seminary. He and his wife reside in Santa Cruz where they are always ready to host any of their 8 adult children and their friends for a visit.

Gregg Fairbrothers D’76 (EWS Board Member)
Groups—Recover Together
Fairbrothers is President of Groups-Recover Together, a for-profit medical startup that provides affordable treatment helping people to recover from opioid addiction.

Fairbrothers is also a founder and board member or chair of currently active technology companies in biotechnology and medical information technology, and two nonprofit organizations, The Institute for Biomedical Entrepreneurship and the Eleazar Wheelock Society.

Previously and for fourteen years, Mr. Fairbrothers was the founding director of the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network, Dartmouth College, and an adjunct professor of Business Administration in entrepreneurship at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. In 2004 he founded the Dartmouth Regional Technology Center (DRTC), Inc. a free-standing New Hampshire non-profit corporation that operates a 55,000 sq. ft. technology incubator facility developing technology-based innovations with the potential for significant social impact, and in 2006-2009 co-founded the Apologia student journal at Dartmouth and the Eleazar Wheelock Society, where he still is a trustee.  In 2016 he joined the Institute for Biomedical Entrepreneurship in Cambridge, MA as a co-founding board member.

Fairbrothers has more than 22 years of experience in almost all operational and investment-related aspects of the upstream oil and gas industry, including exploration, exploitation, production, marketing, acquisitions and divestment, joint ventures, and corporate finance through banks, multi-lateral institutions, limited partnerships and public markets (including IPOs and unsolicited purchases).  Prior to returning to the Upper Valley in 1999, he was President and founder of a mid-sized international oil and gas producer, Samson International, Ltd., as well as President of Samson Resources, Inc., and a Director of the companies’ parent holding company, Samson Investment Company.

Fairbrothers earned an MS in Geology from Rutgers University, and received his MBA from the University of Tulsa. He graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Earth Sciences from Dartmouth College.

Thaddeus Fulford-Jones
Co-Founder and CEO
Radial Analytics
Thaddeus Fulford-Jones is Co-Founder & CEO of Radial Analytics, an early-stage healthcare analytics startup in Cambridge, MA. Previously, Dr. Fulford-Jones served as Founder & CEO of Locately from 2009 until early 2014, leading the company through its acquisition by Service Management Group in 2012. Dr. Fulford-Jones received his BA and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Harvard University, and his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Radial Analytics aims to address some of healthcare’s biggest data challenges. Radial’s first product is a decision support solution that empowers Accountable Care Organizations, hospitals, and payers to identify the most suitable post-acute facility or agency for each patient. The system offers an unprecedented degree of personalization — optimizing quality, outcomes, and cost across the continuum of care.

Catalina Gorla D’09
Catalina has spent the past 5 years working in healthcare in range of roles involving research commercialization, enterprise formation, and operations development. Previously she was the founding COO of Informulary, Inc, a company committed to improving health by providing doctors and patients with the information they need to make wise decisions about prescription drugs. Prior to joining Informulary she was the Program Manager of innovations in translation and new initiatives at the Dartmouth Center for Healthcare Delivery Science. In this role, Catalina worked with researchers and business professionals to create self-sustaining entities that address needs in the health care delivery system. Prior to Dartmouth, she worked as an economist for a large investment management firm, focusing on international financial markets. In this role, she developed new tools and analytical reports on investible foreign markets. Prior to her work in economic research, Catalina completed a financial leadership rotation program in the insurance industry, and held positions at an investment bank and law firm. Catalina graduated cum laude from Dartmouth College in 2009.

David Hobbet
Executive Director
The Veritas Forum

David Hobbet has served as the Executive Director for The Veritas Forum since 2013. Under David’s leadership Veritas has continued to expand to serve over 135 universities across 10 countries globally - engaging over 36,000 students, faculty and university community members via Forums in 2015-16.  In addition, Veritas is piloting new initiatives to engage culture shaping urban centers via Veritas Cities as well as a global online audience via Veritas content and speakers. Prior to Veritas David built a successful career at McKinsey and Company, serving large philanthropies and financial services providers on strategy and organizational effectiveness. David has a bachelors degree from Duke University and an MBA from The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Sara Holston D’17 (EWS Board Member)
Student Director, Eleazar Wheelock Society

Co-Chair, The Dartmouth Apologia
Sara Holston D’17 studies English at Dartmouth, where she also serves on staff with the Apologia and as the Student Director of the Eleazar Wheelock Society. She is a sound designer for theater productions, co-President of the Dartmouth Swing Dance Club, and a member of Alpha Theta co-educational fraternity. She has worked as a research assistant in Economics, Biology, and English, as well as in the English Department as part of the Vitality Committee, and in Tiltfactor Lab as a Game Design Intern.

Claiming both Palo Alto and Philadelphia as home, Sara loves medieval literature and myth, stories, and playing outdoors.

Hilary Johnson D’15, TH’15 (EWS Board Member)
Student Director Emeritus
Masters of Mechanical Engineering Student, MIT

Hilary Johnson D’15, TH’15 graduated with her BE and BA in Engineering in four years, remaining in Hanover for a year to mentor EWS and Apologia leadership as Student Director Emeritus, to pursue the Wheelock House project, and to work as the Thayer Design Fellow. Pursuing her love of mechanically minded design, Hilary is now at MIT working on her masters in mechanical engineering.

While at Dartmouth, Johnson dedicated leadership to the Freshmen Trips program. Hailing from Portland, Oregon Hilary is an avid outdoor enthusiast, enjoying backpacking with her family, mountaineering, and trail running.

Drew Matter TH’14
Vice President of Manufacturing
FreshAir Sensor Corporation

Drew Matter manages product development for the FreshAir Sensor Corporation, a Dartmouth-based startup whose mission is to “improve lives through novel sensor technology.”  Prior to FreshAir, Drew worked in hardware design for NASA and automation engineering for US manufacturing centers.  He also worked with an NGO in Sarajevo, Bosnia promoting community among ethnic Bosnians, Serbians, and Croatians, and helped plant City Church Philadelphia, an urban community integrating faith and vocation.

Drew earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master of Engineering Management degree from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth.  He also holds a Master of Divinity degree from Westminster Theological Seminary and is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church. Drew lives in Hanover with his wife, Susie, and their three children.

Madison Perry
Founder and Executive Director
North Carolina Study Center at UNC

Madison is the Founder and Executive Director of the North Carolina Study Center, a center for Christian life and thought at UNC. Since it opened at the historic Battle House in 2015, the Study Center has served as a resource center for thousands of students, faculty, administrators and alumni. Study Center staff serve alongside over one dozen partnering campus ministries (who frequently meet there) while also offering the UNC community new opportunities for intellectual, spiritual and vocational growth.

Madison has a bachelors degree and a JD from UNC and a Masters in Theological Studies from Duke Divinity School. Madison and his wife, Pamela, live in Durham, NC and have four children. He enjoys golf and talking while walking (quickly) and has an interest in the role of literature and friendship in moral formation. Madison serves on the board of the Consortium of Christian Study Centers.

David Printy
Co-Fiunder and Executive Vice President
David has founded several medical technology and health service organizations. He has served as the senior non-clinical administrator for the largest public and private medical schools in America. He created his first venture capital partnership in 1980 with the founders of Data Card, Control Data and Medtronic as his core investors. His career focus has been the turn-around of organizations through the proper alignment of people, mission and strategy. From 2006 to 2015, David was involved in building healthcare systems and/or facilities in Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Somaliland, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates.

He serves on the board of the Medical Benevolence Foundation in Houston, Texas and the Connecticut- based non-profit The Connection, Inc. – serving those who struggle with major challenges such as poverty, homelessness, substance use, mental illness, abuse and neglect or trauma. In addition, he is active in his local church and leads a men’s bible study.
David did his undergraduate work at William Penn University and graduate work in Systems Management at the Institute for Aerospace Safety and Management, University of Southern California, while serving as a pilot in the USAF.

David did his undergraduate work at William Penn University and graduate work in Systems Management at the Institute for Aerospace Safety and Management, University of Southern California, while serving as a pilot in the USAF.

Tomi Sawyer
Distinguished Scientist, Discovery Chemistry Modalities & Peptide Drug Hunter
Merck Research Labs
Dr. Tomi Sawyer is an entrepreneurial drug hunter with more than 33 years of experience. Tomi leads a global drug hunter network of more than 300 scientists actively engaged in breakthrough medicine and disruptive innovation. His drug discovery achievements include GPCR (Scenesse®), kinase (Iclusig®), protease (Ditekiren) and protein-protein interaction (Ridaforolimus, ALRN-6924) target space. Tomi is credited with more than 500 scientific publications, patents, and presentations. He holds several Adjunct Professorships and is a Distinguished Alumni Scholar at several academic institutions.

Tomi has received numerous awards and honors and was the founding Editor-in-Chief of Chemical Biology and Drug Design. More recently, Tomi has founded the Saint Albert the Great Institute for Science, Faith and Wisdom to fulfill his vision for the integration of multidisciplinary science, philosophy, and theology to promote a greater understanding of the mysteries of life, the virtues of science, and the power of faith.

Andrew Schuman D’10 (EWS Board Member)
Veritas Labs
Andrew serves as the Director of Veritas Labs for the Veritas Forum, where he manages new initiatives that extend and deepen the mission of Veritas across university life. While an undergraduate at Dartmouth College, Andrew served as the founding editor-in-chief of Dartmouth’s Christian journal, Apologia, as well as co-founder of the national network of Christian thought journals, The Augustine Collective.

After graduating from Dartmouth, Andrew served as founding director of the student-faculty-alumni Eleazar Wheelock Society and Waterman Institute in Hanover, NH. Andrew comes to Veritas from Yale University, where he received an MBA from the Yale School of Management and an MAR from Yale Divinity School.

Curtis Sprouse
Founder, President, and CEO
EurekaConnect, LLC

Curtis Sprouse brings more than 30 years of experience in the biotech, pharmaceutical, device and high tech industries to his position as Founder, President and CEO of EurekaConnect, LLC a behavioral science company focused on personal and professional development. Curt is also a Founder and President of the Institute for Biomedical Entrepreneurship. As a founder of Boston Market Strategies, Inc, Curt worked with hundreds of organizations including many Fortune 500 companies. Curt has advised on business development, sales, marketing and clinical trial strategy for over 20 years. Curt Founded iBall, Inc. a virtual core imaging lab focused in the clinical research market. Curt has also founded a publicly traded company focused on research and marine salvage.  Prior to founding Boston Market Strategies Inc. and EurekaConnect, Curt served as Director of Special Projects for Mertech. He also served as Chief Financial Officer for OnDuty and Staff Support before assuming the role of President. Curt started his career as staff auditor at Ernst & Young (then Ernst & Whinney).

Curt studied Business, Finance, Economics and Accounting at Westminster College in Wilmington, Pennsylvania where he also played football and ran track for all four years. In his spare time, Curt enjoys riding his motorcycle, golf, boating, down-hill skiing, and most importantly spending time with his three kids and wife Stephenie in the North Shore town of Ipswich.

Luanne Zurlo D’87 (EWS Board Member)
Clinical Professor of Finance
The Catholic University
Luanne is an entrepreneurial executive with demonstrated success in leadership/management, investment banking, non-profit start-up/scaling and university teaching.  Luanne left her job as a telecommunications equity analyst at Goldman Sachs in 2002 to found Worldfund, a non-profit dedicated to improving education quality in Latin America. Headquartered in NYC, with subsidiaries in Mexico City and São Paulo, Worldfund is dedicated to raising the quality of education in Latin America.  As Worldfund President, Luanne structured partnerships with Harvard University, Dartmouth College, local corporations and government education officials to launch innovative teacher/principal training, literacy/arts and science/math programs in Mexican and Brazilian public schools, currently impacting over one million students annually. Luanne led the effort to build a committed Board of Directors with over 30 senior executives from the U.S. and Latin America.

Luanne currently is a Clinical Professor of Finance at Catholic University in Washington, DC, teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels. She has an MBA in Finance and Accounting from Columbia Business School, an MA in International Affairs from Johns Hopkins University SAIS, and a BA in History from Dartmouth College. Luanne Co-Chairs the Worldfund Board, sits on the Eleazar Wheelock Society (EWS) and Christendom College boards and is the 2011 Latin Trade Humanitarian of the Year Award recipient. She recently published Fifteen Feet from the Pope, about her experiences on sabbatical in Rome, Italy.