As the organizers of the 2017 Wheelock Conference, we believe that Christianity provides the most compelling foundation for this integration of faith, reason, and vocation at Dartmouth and beyond. We believe that this dialogue and consideration of all aspects of one’s perspective and identity lays the foundation for inclusive inquiry that develops open-minded individuals grounded in a strong faith-based worldview, and that equips them with the right tools to flourish in their vocations. We recognize that living out this purpose within the larger secular society is not easy, but for the past seven years, we have drawn on the strong tradition of Christian intellectualism to help students explore the role of faith and reason in their vocation, so that when they embark on their careers they have confidence in their convictions and decisions.

Today, as young students think about choosing a vocation they inevitably encounter a profound tension. On the one hand, students are concerned with finding a career that will enable them to pay off student loans quickly and establish a future of financial security. On the other, many students will look first to the question of whether a career would allow them to do meaningful work. While young people repeatedly express a desire to do something meaningful, very few have a concrete idea of what that looks like or how to find it. Their primary resources consist of articles that are dominated by expositions on the most lucrative jobs, the fastest-growing fields, or the careers with the highest starting salaries. But what if instead focusing on the question,How much money do I make, we instead asked ourselves, How much value do I make?  When looked at from this perspective, what aspects of our internal conversations and deliberations about vocation would change?

In this conference, we will gather alumni and scholars across the workplace and the academy to discuss this question, starting from our basic foundation of integrating faith, reason, and vocation. Alumni come to share stories of their time at Dartmouth and how it has shaped their careers after, and to foster long-term mentorship relationships, many of which create internship opportunities. In panel discussions, we will show how integrating faith and reason provides a compelling framework for thinking about how we can create value.

The 2017 Wheelock Conference is organized by Eleazar Wheelock Society, The Association of Christian Tuck Students (ACTS), and The Dartmouth Apologia.

The eighth annual Wheelock Conference will be held on Saturday, April 29, 2017, at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. We hope you can join us for an interesting and invigorating day!